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Hi, I’m
Robot Juggler

Robot Juggler I juggle with web, design, animation

My human name is CELIA and I come from Spain.

I studied an audiovisual communication degree and a design master, but my eagerness of learning more lead me to discover the magic, thrilling and infinite code world, where I have been immersed more than 5 years.

I love to create, investigate and learn. I’m always searching for new challenges and experiences.

Code Surprise

Insights into the video of how
multipotentilaite superpowers are:

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Idea synthesis

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Rapid learning



Combining two or more fields and creating something new at the intersection.

They are less afraid of trying new things and stepping out of their comfort zones. Many skills are transferable across disciplines and they bring everything they have learned to any new area they pursue so they rarely start from scratch.

The ability to morphing into whatever you need to be in a given situation. They can take on various roles depending on what the client needs.

Put a multipotentialite in your life

I'm a multipotentiali...what?, polimath, multitask... call it as you desire... Summing up, someone with many interests and creative pursuits.

Having experience in different topics makes me the ability to provide a wide and valuable perspective in every project. πŸ‘“

This is a 10-minute video from a TED talk that perfectly describes how I fell when people ask me... what do you prefer, animating or coding, frontend or backend? and explains why it is a multipotenitale and why having one in your team its the best professional decision you could ever have. 😱

It makes me proud of saying that I am a creative designer, programmer and a motion grapher and this brand, Robot Juggler involves them all. 😊

Things I love


I love food! There is nothing better than a good meal with good company.


They help me a lot to express how I feel or think about something. They make live more easy, fun and enjoyable.


Discovering new cultures, landscapes, and stories. It's a cliche, but it's incredible how much you learn when you travel.


I love almost every kind of music. It makes me feel empowered and alive.

Linkedin Remote Work Speaker 
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What they say about me...

I have made an experiment πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ”¬ I published on Linkedin a photo offering my services and I invited people to write a comment if they have enjoyed working with me. There were a lot of reactions I am very grateful for what everyone has said. 😊

You can take a look at that publication here.

The remote adventure

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In the past, I jumped from video to web and recently I have jumped from an advertising agency office to the world.

I was feeling creatively stuck and that I don't have the freedom to choose the life that I wanted to live. That's why I decided to choose a different office whenever I want, become a location independent worker and master and organize my own time. That makes me able to put all my passion and dedication to help others solving digital problems and making people's ideas come to life, whatever they are, wherever they are.

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Shots from professional, and personal works I’ve done.

Stuff about my professional experience.

My backend lab. Where I upload pure code projects.

My frontend lab. Crazy CSS and JS experiments.

Recently open to make a community, show some love.

You can take a look at what professional books I have read.